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Desert Web services cover the entire spectrum of desert pests in the El Centro area. This includes not only insects – termites, roaches, ants, bees, etc., but also rats, mice, pigeons and gophers.

Click on the pest that concerns you to find details of our specialized services to control the problem.

Unless otherwise noted, all our inspections are free.


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  1. In our free termite inspection, we’ll describe what we’re looking for and show you evidence – or the lack – of a termite infestation.
  2. If you do have termites, we will offer various options you can chose from to exterminate them. We offer complete treatments, Spot treatments , Pretreats, and PEST  CONTROL TUBE SYSTEMS (PCTS).
  3. Our work is guaranteed effective for your existing problem. We will rid your home of the termites you have, and create a situation that decreases the likelihood of a new infestation. To guard against new infestations, we offer warranty contracts from one to five years at highly competitive rates.


  1. Ant activity is hard to spot, and homeowners will often try over-the-counter remedies to eliminate these pests. However, that approach will only kill the ants you see – our inspection will also extend to locating their nests, which  must penetrated and destroyed to keep the colony from returning.
  2. Depending on the level of the infestation, we may be able to solve the problem right after our inspection, or within a matter of days. Note that different types of ant infestations require different types of treatments.
  3. Warranty for ant removal is 30 days. Much of the responsibility for prevention of ant re-infestation falls to the customer; they seek out sweet or greasy substances. Keep those kitchens and pantries especially clean, and ants won’t come back.

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  1. Although bee infestations are obvious to our customers, we still need to do an inspection. We must find the exact location of the hive, honeycomb, and queen bee.
  2. After inspection, we will offer various options for bee removal – but remember, although they can be very beneficial insects, they can be dangerous to humans who are sensitive to their sting. In many cases, it is substantially cheaper to destroy them, than relocating them.
  3. Bee extermination comes with a 7-day warranty. Home owners are then advised how to prevent future infestations.

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  1. Although you’ll know when you have a beetle infestation, we still need to perform an inspection, identify the type of beetle, and give you a quote.
  2. The best way to eliminate beetles is with a general spray. This can be performed with ease and safety, and we guarantee our control of beetles for 30 days.
  3. Fortunately, beetles are not a year-round problem. They prefer summertime, and in the summer you can use yellow lights outside. Like other insect pests, beetles are attracted to white light, and yellow discourages them.

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Fleas & ticks:

  1. Although fleas and ticks are brought in by your pets, we must inspect other areas of your home if the infestation is severe. Fleas eggs will hatch in the pet’s sleeping areas, which may include your own bed, or your child’s bed.
  2. Fleas and ticks on pets can be eliminated with the use of various pet-care products, but in a home infestation, it’s a different story. We’ll offer you various options for solving the problem. All treatments should start with a thorough vacuuming by the customer.
  3. We include a 2-week follow-up with flea and tick removal, but our general guarantee is decided on a case-by-case basis. Part of the solution lies in customer diligence with pet-care.

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  1. We can verify the a gopher problem with ease, because they leave evidence in the form of mounds of grass and holes in your lawn.
  2. The preferred option for controlling a gopher problem is capture, but we can also spray the hole to ensure complete elimination.
  3. Gopher removal is covered by a follow-up to make sure the little rascal is really gone.

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  1. A pigeon infestation is extremely easy to diagnose, because they’re large-sized pests and they leave visible indications of their nesting areas in the form of droppings.
  2. We’ll offer you various methods of removal, most of which are with regard to creating conditions that will cause the pigeons to relocate. In the worst case, a few of the pigeons may have to be eliminated.
  3. Pigeon infestations require follow-ups, and in some cases, ongoing maintenance of anti-pigeon devices. If your problem is severe, we offer fair and affordable contracts.

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  1. We start by inspecting under the sinks, around bathtubs, and laundry rooms, because cockroaches seek out moisture.
  2. Once we’ve located the source of the problem, we will offer you various pesticide options to eliminate the pests.
  3. Cockroach extermination is guaranteed for 30 days. If those moisture-areas are kept especially clean, and you should be able to keep the problem at bay.

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  1. Scorpions are nocturnal creatures. For a major infestation, we can schedule a night service and use a black light, because it causes them to take on an eerie, iridescent glow. Portable black lights can be purchased at PetSmart.
  2. The best way to eliminate a scorpion infestation is with a general pesticide spray.
  3. Scorpion removal is covered by a 30 day warranty, but note that scorpions don’t ever need to become a problem if you’re covered by a regular pest control contract.

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  1. Spider inspections require a certain finesse, because they can be quick and crafty. We know our spiders, and we know how to find them in your home.
  2. Elimination of spiders is easy because they’re individualists. We don’t need to find an entire nest or colony, we can simply establish the reason for the unacceptable quantity of spiders you’re experiencing, and eliminate the problem.
  3. This service comes with a 30-day warranty. Spiders require more detailed work. Because we can only destroy individuals as they set up house it is important to treat on a routine basis.

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